• 17
  • April

Crommunity Podcast | Episode 2019-03 | Heather Galt

“Canadians in general need to feel like they can be successful at scale. I think we need to have some courage. We also need to recognize our value, and that I think is where sustainable scale will come from.” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s visit to Kitchener wasn’t the only big thing happening in Waterloo Region on Tuesday; as most people were heading […]

  • 21
  • January

Crommunity Podcast | Episode 2019-01 | Jacqui Murphy (CMO, Auvik Networks) | Part I

“So often we don’t tell the stories about the places that we’re from. Everyone knows the legendary stories about how Apple started, and how HP started, and how Microsoft started, but they often don’t know the stories of companies in their own backyard, and the impact that they’ve had on the community.” On a recent snowy Friday, I had the pleasure of […]

  • 06
  • December

Growth Marketing in a Technical Market

Your customers are looking for solutions to problems, they’re not Googling for your product or technology. Talking about solutions and problems helps you get discovered, and makes your message stronger by relating to an acute pain point; done right, this approach earns you the product and technology conversations that come later. The last Communitech Marketing P2P of the year took a Lightning […]

  • 27
  • November

The Ad is Dead; Long Live the Community

In a very tactics-obsessed industry and environment, Alex advocates for a strategic approach to longer-term success that, in all likelihood, will take time to develop; however, when presented against the backdrop of the unsustainability of digital advertising, it seems a prudent, logical course of action. The last Communitech Marketing P2P of the year took a Lightning Talk format that featured two guest […]

  • 18
  • October

Talkin’ About Technical Communication

As foreshadowed previously, last night I had the pleasure of speaking at the Technical Communication P2P group down at Communitech. A dozen or so folks braved the wintery (!) conditions to hear me go through a presentation with the intriguingly bland and broad title, How Tech Communicators Can Help Businesses (you can find a PDF version of the slides at the bottom of this […]

  • 03
  • October

Cromulent Live! October 17th in Kitchener

Update: you can read about the session in Talkin’ About Technical Communication. — On Wednesday, October 17th, I’ll be presenting at Communitech’s Technical Communication Peer-to-Peer group. Here’s the blurb: Solving a Business’ Tech Comms Needs For a number of reasons, technology companies often struggle to articulate their value to their range of audiences (e.g., prospective customers, employees, investors, partners, analysts, etc). In this […]