Cromulent’s philosophy is that your message is at the core of everything you do, and everything else is just media and content intended to convey that message in an optimal way to particular audiences. Therefore, getting your messaging right is absolutely critical to all your marketing activities and, by extension, to your business as a whole.

Your core message is crafted to appeal to different audiences to achieve different results, and your outbound marketing content exists to serve and spread your message

As a starting point, we recommend all our clients have in place a comprehensive Messaging Guide, a document that serves as the source of truth for company, product, platform, and technology messaging, and that provides extensive content (e.g., taglines, introductory sentences, descriptive paragraphs, diagrams, feature lists and descriptions, contextual information, etc.) for application across a range of media and content types.

With a comprehensive Messaging Guide in place, many types of foundational content – including website copy, product and platform datasheets, press releases, tradeshow booth branding, etc. – become derivative; that is, they can be almost entirely created by copying and pasting from the messaging guide, dramatically improving execution/production speed over the traditional approach of creating pieces one-by-one, from scratch. Plus, since the pieces are all based on the same core messaging guide, they are completely consistent.

Compound content, like sales presentations, keynotes, and investor decks, is also easily produced, simply by combining and tweaking foundational content.

Specialty content, including longer-form pieces like whitepapers and technical showcases, generally deeply examine a fairly narrow topic, but still do so while drawing upon the core messaging. It’s possible to write these pieces without a Messaging Guide, but particular care must be taken to understand a company’s messaging to ensure the long-form content doesn’t veer off course.

In summary: your message matters – because everything else, including your content, public relations activities, and thought leadership programs are just mechanisms by which your message is delivered – so it’s worth getting it right.