Create and Follow a Meaningful Plan

Consciously choose marketing strategies which maximize long-term success

Many startups and scale-ups suffer from a damaging gap between high-level company or marketing objectives and low-level marketing tactics. This gap is the realm of strategy.

Without carefully and deliberately chosen marketing strategies, organizations can be extremely busy without being productive. At best, they muddle along living in the short term, and even experience short-term successes—oblivious to the opportunity cost and damage to long-term potential. At worst, they exist in a frantic state of chaotic, misdirected energy, and fail outright despite no lack of effort.

Cromulent helps you get the most out of your finite time, money, and energy by developing:

  • Go-to-market strategies which reach and resonate with your audiences
  • Positioning strategies which make your value crystal clear
  • Competitive strategies to take on giants, outperform peers, and squash newcomers
  • Content strategies which create leads, enable sales, and complement digital tactics
  • Thought leadership strategies which establish your brand as an authority
  • Technical marketing strategies to close knowledge gaps and establish strong differentiation
  • …and other marketing strategies tailored to your objectives

Working with Cromulent to develop objective-oriented marketing strategies lets you:

  • Pursue long-term objectives without sacrificing short-term results
  • Optimize your tactical efforts and investments
  • Navigate the market and outmanoeuvre the competition

Showcasing expertise:

  • We’ve developed comprehensive content strategies and detailed plans for many of our clients, in support of their sales and marketing objectives
  • We helped multiple clients plan and execute technical marketing strategies to overcome knowledge gaps in the market, to showcase meaningful differentiation, and to overcome chronic buying barriers