Be the Leader, Create Followers

Establish and demonstrate your authority within a narrow area of expertise or across the entire spectrum of a domain.

For start-ups and scale-ups, effective thought leadership programs can put you on the map, help you punch above your weight, and go toe-to-toe with the established players.

For established players, effective thought leadership can help you squash those annoying start-ups and scale-ups who’re trying to take your business.

There are several ways to establish credibility (presuming, of course, that you are actually credible), including:

  • Technical marketing content that educates your audiences
  • Webinar programs that share information in an engaging way
  • Research projects and programs that break entirely new industry ground

Our thought leadership services help with these approaches, and more.

Technical Marketing Content

Technical marketing content, including whitepapers, technology showcases, and demonstrations, is an effective way to bring your knowledge to the fore, thereby achieving several positive results:

  • By deeply exploring a subject and teaching your audience new things (e.g., requirements, nuances, trade-offs, etc.), you show that you know what you’re talking about and earn their trust and respect
  • By presenting information in a strategic manner, you can shape how your audience thinks about the subject – including how they evaluate potential solutions
  • By comprehensively explaining your differentiators, you arm your champions with material they can use to win over doubters and justify selecting you as a solution provider
  • By introducing new, robust content, you make life difficult for competitors, who have to keep up with and respond to your material, consuming their time and attention
  • By making technical material available on your website, you improve your organic relevance – especially in narrow topics for which relatively little information is available
  • By attracting people and organizations to your content, you’re able to build out your contact database and to establish new relationships

In short, technical marketing content is a great way to separate yourself from the crowd of competitors who are all making the same claims.

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Webinar Programs

Webinars are a convenient, efficient, and cost-effective way to show your expertise while growing your video content, building out your contact database, and engaging with your audiences.

While there might be times where sponsored webinars makes sense, that approach can easily consume entire marketing budgets.

A home-grown webinar program is a great alternative, and is very straightforward to execute with the right skillset.

Research Projects and Programs

Research projects and programs explore aspects of your industry or market (e.g., analyzing trends over time, diving deeply into particular subjects, etc.).

They’re usually investigative in nature, and aspire to reveal genuinely new facts, findings, and insights, that can inform your customers’ decision-making.

Research findings are a great way to open doors (provided the findings aren’t accompanied by a sales pitch), and one very powerful potential result is that your company gains fame for discovering something particularly noteworthy.

And, while it takes time, devotion, and commitment, a research program that analyzes trends over many quarters or years can raise your company up to a level of authority that no competitor can quickly match.

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Working with Cromulent to design and execute a well-crafted thought leadership program enables you to:

  • Stand out from the crowd by providing expertise and insight
  • Bring attention to problems that you uniquely solve
  • Establish relationships with industry influencers and media heavyweights

Showcasing expertise:

  • We helped ISARA to grow awareness and create demand by producing a premium piece of educational content that explains how to manage cryptographic and quantum risk
  • With several whitepapers and technical showcases, we helped Dejero address industry knowledge gaps and highlight the unique capabilities of their foundational technologies; we also researched, wrote, and produced Field Connectivity in a 5G World Enabling tomorrow’s use cases with Dejero Smart Blending Technology
  • By researching and authoring threat intelligence spotlights and industry whitepapers, we helped eSentire show their industry leadership, increase awareness in the market, and generate new sales leads
  • Through a technical showcase, we helped Miovision explain how The World’s Smartest Intersection works and what makes it unique; in a separate project, we researched and authored a whitepaper examining how intelligent transportation systems can be used to minimize the disruption caused by traffic surges associated with large events
  • In the Waterloo Region Technology Marketing Spotlight, we sparked discussion by providing the technology marketers and company leaders of the Waterloo Region with common understanding of shared issues, priorities, challenges, concerns, and more