Tell Your Stories, Your Way

Spread your message by creating and controlling conversations that tell your story, your way, in pursuit of your objectives.

In practice, much of public relations (PR) comes down to creating or sharing information and managing its spread in a variety of forms. For instance, a well-developed PR program might include:

  • News Releases that deliver announcements (whether or not they’re put on the newswire)
  • Blog Posts that explore a variety of topics and provide real utility while gradually extending your content library
  • Articles/Editorials/Advertorials that reach your target markets in outlets they trust
  • Applying for (or purchasing) Speaking Engagements that get you valuable airtime in front of your target markets
  • Applying for Industry Awards that serve to validate your solutions, technologies, organization, and people
  • Social Media Strategy and Guidelines to get the most utility out of your channels while avoiding dangerous pitfalls

Cromulent can help you in each of these areas.

News Releases

You’ve got news, and you want people to know about it, but maybe you don’t have the time or communications expertise to write the actual news release.

No problem! Whether you’re planning to push the release to the newswire or just want it to go live on your website, we’ll write your news in a manner that’s interesting, that speaks to your target audiences, and that fits into your overall communications objectives.

We can also perform outreach on your behalf to local, national, or industry publications to bring more attention to your achievements and to raise your company’s profile.

Blog Posts

Blogs are a great way to explore topics, to provide commentary, to show some personality, and to share content and news that don’t quite demand a full news release; plus, blogs (even corporate blogs) are often more effective without the formality that is demanded by other communications channels.

For many companies – especially those relying on self-serve discovery and purchase – blogs are a crucial element of an effective marketing strategy because they let you quickly grow a content library through commentary, updates, news, tidbits, tips and tricks, and much more.

But, blogs still require effort: to create, to maintain, to monitor, and so on.

Cromulent can take on as much or as little of your organization’s blog as you like: from helping you plan, to contributing occasional posts, to delivering a steady stream of content.


Reaching your audiences in the publications they already read helps to grow your organization’s profile, especially when you’re trying to influence decision-makers.

Whether you’re outright buying an article placement or submitting something for consideration on merit alone, making sure your content is top-notch is vital to getting the most out of the opportunity. But writing articles is a challenge for most organizations: sometimes they just don’t have the time, sometimes they lack the specialized expertise, or sometimes the article is OK by itself but doesn’t fit with the overall company message or serve a strategic purpose.

Cromulent can quickly turn around high-quality articles that are tailored to your needs, that reinforce your messaging, and that support your strategic objectives.

Speaking Submissions

The right speaking session can raise your business to prominence with the right people, but securing that session often requires an application process that can include an abstract and even an article-like exposition of the topic.

Cromulent knows how to make submissions stand out, to maximize your chances of being accepted, and we can help you prepare for the speaking session to make the most of the opportunity.

Award Submissions

Industry awards and accolades provide important validation of your capabilities, making your solutions more attractive and reducing perceived risk to potential buyers or executive sponsors – which is especially important for smaller companies, companies entering new markets, and to support innovative product launches.

While the unfortunate reality is that many industry awards aren’t based purely on merit, to win those that actually are based on objective analysis requires knowing how to produce a convincing award application. Cromulent knows how to present your submissions in the most appealing manner, to increase your odds of winning the judges’ favour.

Social Media Strategy and Guidelines

The degree to which social media channels impact a business varies enormously, so as a starting point it’s important to honestly assess social media’s importance to your objectives and to invest accordingly.

At the very least, many audiences – prospective and existing customers, potential job applicants, partners, and more – expect some kind of presence. That means you’ll likely have at least a couple of channels. But how do you use them effectively in pursuit of goals, as part of a larger communications strategy? How do you avoid running into trouble? How do you respond to negativity – from dealing with trolls to full-on crisis management?

Cromulent can help you develop a social media strategy, including specific written guidelines, so that you benefit from the opportunities presented by social media while limiting exposure to its potential downsides.

Bringing Cromulent into your public relations program lets you:

  • Increase awareness of your company and important issues by getting in front of the right people
  • Control the conversation by telling your stories, your way
  • Extend your content library with articles and topical commentary

Fueling conversations:

  • We helped RootSecure increase their profile and attract talent by making introductions that led to coverage in both the print and online editions of the region’s major news outlet and an online article with Communitech (a local public-private innovation hub)
  • We increased our own exposure through a thought leadership initiative that led to coverage by The Waterloo Region Record and The Waterloo Economic Development Council
  • We provided Bridgit with purposeful content for placed articles and blog posts
  • Many of our clients have pulled content directly from their Messaging Guides for use in press releases and other communications