• 28
  • March

Tips and Tricks for Audio and Video Scripts

Every script should tell a story: humans are prewired to recognize and remember narratives. So whether you’re telling the actual story of your company’s history, or welcoming people to a conference, or showing them how to use your turbo-encabulator, tell a story. A few weeks ago I was working on a project to produce a new content library—consisting primarily of a services […]

  • 18
  • October

Talkin’ About Technical Communication

As foreshadowed previously, last night I had the pleasure of speaking at the Technical Communication P2P group down at Communitech. A dozen or so folks braved the wintery (!) conditions to hear me go through a presentation with the intriguingly bland and broad title, How Tech Communicators Can Help Businesses (you can find a PDF version of the slides at the bottom of this […]

  • 03
  • October

Cromulent Live! October 17th in Kitchener

Update: you can read about the session in Talkin’ About Technical Communication. — On Wednesday, October 17th, I’ll be presenting at Communitech’s Technical Communication Peer-to-Peer group. Here’s the blurb: Solving a Business’ Tech Comms Needs For a number of reasons, technology companies often struggle to articulate their value to their range of audiences (e.g., prospective customers, employees, investors, partners, analysts, etc). In this […]