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Why Cromulent Marketing?

Because we have a unique combination of skills and experience that will help you do more with your marketing:

We know B2B marketing: from experience, we know that succeeding in B2B takes a clear value proposition, meaningful competitive differentiation, and compelling content

We ‘get’ going global: our team has grown business in markets around the world and created content for global and regional audiences

We work really fast: we work on a project-by-project basis, so there’s no incentive for us to move slowly—more often than not, we will work faster than you

We understand your technology: we’re not your normal marketers—our technical background lets us learn how your stuff works and what makes it different, so we can explain why that matters

We bridge knowledge gaps: we create comprehension with different audiences through carefully crafted versions of a consistent message

We provide extra value: we’re like an extended piece of your team, willing to share what we’ve learned from our diverse and extensive experience

Cromulent Marketing is a fundamentally different kind of marketing agency. Put simply, we do great work that no other agency can do—quickly and cost-effectively.


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