About Cromulent Marketing

Cromulent Marketing is a marketing-as-a-service agency with a particular focus on B2B technology scale-ups (and startups who want to join the scale-up ranks).

We offer a range of services—from determining strategy, developing positioning, and crafting messaging, to creating content, managing public relations, and designing thought leadership programs—which B2B tech companies need to scale quickly and efficiently.

Cromulent was formed to help tech companies reach their potential. Marketing isn’t magic, but it’s still challenging; too many organizations struggle to overcome those challenges and are held back as a result. Cromulent lets organizations tap into rare and valuable skills, and important domain experience, in a cost-effective, efficient manner.

The quick pitch is that Cromulent Marketing produces better output, faster—and more cost-effectively—than any alternatives (e.g., recruiting, hiring and onboarding a new team member; using another agency; repurposing existing personnel; etc.), so you can stay focused on the other parts of your business.