Customer Testimonials

"Cromulent has allowed us to effectively and efficiently extend our content portfolio with high-quality pieces that support our broader sales and marketing objectives. Cromulent’s technical acumen, willingness to perform deep subject matter research, clear writing style, and top-notch design skills are a rare and valuable combination—one that enables them to dissect complex topics and produce accessible assets that do important heavy lifting with clients and prospects. Needless to say, we're very pleased."

Mike Laurie—President

"Contacting Cromulent was one of the first things I did upon joining Palitronica. Cromulent has extensive cybersecurity experience, so I knew they would grasp the significance of our solution and could help us to showcase its unique value—while also bringing an outside viewpoint. At the same time, Cromulent’s broad marketing capabilities will help us to quickly and efficiently create a full-funnel content library to help us achieve our growth objectives."

Paul Lucier—Chief Revenue Officer

"Working with Cromulent was a great experience for our team! They took the time to dive deeply into our ideal customer and use cases—interviewing numerous members of our team, leading discussions, and bringing an external and unbiased perspective. These conversations and the assets that Cromulent produced helped us to tighten up our messaging and value proposition and created a framework for identifying our biggest gaps so we could structure content planning."

Sarah Wight—Demand Generation Manager

"As a rapidly growing startup with a lean team, it was important to find a partner with marketing expertise who could deliver quickly. Cromulent removed all the guesswork from defining and executing our technical marketing strategy—most importantly, they produced collateral to shorten our sales cycle by clearly highlighting our value proposition and differentiators. If you're looking to augment your marketing function, Cromulent is the way to go."

Jamil Dewsi—Head of Growth

"When we needed marketing support, Cromulent stepped in with exactly what we required. They began by interviewing our leadership team, asking probing questions and listening carefully to rapidly come up to speed with a challenging domain. Next, they drew up a comprehensive action plan—and then delivered. We were impressed with just how fast they were able to grasp our solutions and market, and how they used that understanding to quickly produce meaningful and impactful collateral. We’ll continue using Cromulent to provide marketing flexibility and support as we continue to grow, pivot, and add additional solutions."

Paul Lucier—VP – Sales, Business Development & Marketing

"Working with Cromulent was like having an extra person on our marketing team, but with a fresh, external perspective which helped to identify blind spots in our thinking. This was only possible because Cromulent combined a comprehensive marketing strategy background with the desire and ability to understand why our product is valuable. By asking the right questions and crafting appealing messaging, Cromulent helped us to improve on our original thinking and to clearly present the benefits of our solution."

Maria Alexandrova—Marketing Manager

"Cromulent is a great asset to have for our content program. Whether they're delivering a blog, white paper, or a report, they're adept at breaking down tough, technical concepts so they’re easily digestible. What’s more is that Cromulent actively provides suggestions and feedback if they believe it will make the final deliverable better, which I greatly appreciate. I’m very happy to have a resource like Cromulent on our side!"

   Mitangi Parekh—Senior Marketing Manager, Content

"If there was a Venn diagram for product marketing excellence, Cromulent is in the sweet spot. Quick to understand your market challenges and audiences, bringing business and technical acumen, and with a breadth and depth of product marketing experience, they understand the pain points of scaling tech companies and how to address them, delivering projects on time and on budget. Having the ability to tap into top talent like Cromulent is a tremendous asset."

Richard McClurg—Vice President of Marketing

"Cromulent asks great questions, which helps them to quickly grasp what you do and what makes you uniquely valuable—and equips them to determine the best way to position your company. These capabilities enable Cromulent to deliver effective messaging and content, providing clarity in your communications, on time and on point. Needless to say, I highly recommend Cromulent Marketing’s services."

Joseph D’Souza—Founder and CEO

"Finding partners who have both the technical and marketing expertise to make a project like The World's Smartest Intersection come to life is difficult. Cromulent's technical expertise allowed them to quickly move past the technology and onto the reason why it’s vital to cities. Bottom-of-funnel content can be challenging for marketing teams to create, which is why teams like Cromulent are so crucial to companies who sell to technical audiences."

Matthew Trushinski—Director, Marketing

"Cromulent were incredible to work with! Their professionalism, organization, and sense of urgency helped us tremendously and took a lot of the work away from us. They kept us on track and were able to deliver a great messaging guide that will be utilized within all levels of our organization. Cromulent's ability to capture some very technical information into more simple messaging was unbelievable."

Kristin Mueller—HR Manager

"Cromulent’s work accelerated our own team’s efforts and dramatically shortened the time it took to get great messaging prepared for new segments and markets. Shortly after their work on messaging and website copy, inbound leads to our website increased by triple-digit percentages."

Jason Moore—Founder and CEO

"Cromulent were fantastic to work with, and delivered great results for us. They took the time to understand our goals, then developed and delivered on a phased approach that met our schedule. Everything they did for us—and they did a lot, including helping with things beyond the official scope—made a meaningful, immediate, and lasting impact on our business."

Ian Hassard—VP Product and Marketing

"Cromulent is a Unicorn—plain and simple. We initially engaged them for some use case-themed feature sheets for our Healthcare vertical campaign, which required understanding our features and how they were relevant to the vertical. Cromulent researched the market-space and our feature-set, and leveraged vertical-specific jargon for added impact. If you’re in the B2B space and looking for effective product marketing, Cromulent is as good as it gets."

Joseph Herdé—Chief Commercial Officer

"Cromulent works quickly and meticulously! They rapidly gained a thorough understanding of our products, company, and value to the market and translated that knowledge into a compelling set of foundational resources for sales enablement and outbound communications. Now equipped with a 'source of truth' messaging guide and a customer-facing brochure, our entire team is enabled to speak consistently, clearly, and with confidence to our audiences."

Nicole DeNoble—Director of Marketing

"As a full-service fire protection engineering firm, the breadth of our diverse service offerings—along with their technical complexities—can be challenging to grasp and convey. We were pleasantly surprised by the expertise, creativity, and efficient turnaround Cromulent provided! We now have an amazing Services Guide and Sector Sheets that not only clearly communicate to our customers but also provide a consistent message. We highly recommend Cromulent."

Mohit Gogna—Marketing Manager