• 29
  • November

Crommunity Podcast, Episode 2: Warren Pamukoff (Magnet Forensics)

“You can’t change the product, but you can change what you’re focusing on.” Hey there marketing fans, what time is it? That’s right, it’s Crommunity podcast time! Joining us this time around is Warren Pamukoff, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Magnet Forensics in Waterloo. Warren was Magnet’s first product marketing hire, so he really got to build the ‘program’ from the ground […]

  • 27
  • November

The Ad is Dead; Long Live the Community

In a very tactics-obsessed industry and environment, Alex advocates for a strategic approach to longer-term success that, in all likelihood, will take time to develop; however, when presented against the backdrop of the unsustainability of digital advertising, it seems a prudent, logical course of action. The last Communitech Marketing P2P of the year took a Lightning Talk format that featured two guest […]