• 11
  • May


Dear Diary, It was a Liz Lemon kind of day (as in “I can do it, I can have it all!”—see video clip, below), but it’s really been a Liz Lemon kind’ve couple of months. I was gonna sleep in a bit today, because things have been crazy intense lately, but then early this morning my phone made an unexpected calendar/event reminder […]

  • 22
  • March


Dear Diary, I just finished the first draft of the LAMPSHADE paper. I realize now that I haven’t tweeted about this project (my bad!), so here’s a quick description: it’s a survey-driven thought leadership piece that’s intended to serve as a TOFU awareness generator. OK, you’re all caught up. Anyway, so my client worked with an analyst—aside: some of you know how […]

  • 13
  • March


Dear Diary, On Friday evening I sent the client the first draft of the INFRARED whitepaper. Oh, that’s right, other than this tweet, I haven’t mentioned INFRARED before! It’s a two-part project consisting of: a medium-length whitepaper detailing the value proposition of a new service the client will be offering an article calling attention to the problem this new service helps to […]