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Third birthday? Time to support three local organizations!

Today is Cromulent Marketing’s third birthday, and I feel fortunate to report that we’ve had another fun year of exciting projects with our expanding list of clients.

So, how to mark the occasion?

Last year, we sponsored two new “Borrow the Internet” hotspots, one each at the Kitchener Public Library and Waterloo Public Library. OK, so obviously we re-upped on those, because the Borrow the Internet program is so valuable to the community.

Alright, what else? It’s our third birthday, so I wanted to support a third organization doing great work in KW. This idea was in the back of my mind for the last little while, and I was kind’ve keeping my eyes and ears open—then I saw a few recent stories about the enormous positive impact of Kitchener’s Consumption and Treatment Services (CTS) site.

*lightbulb moment*

So I’m pleased to share that the third organization receiving modest financial support from us is Sanguen Health Centre, the not-for-profit, community-based health care agency that runs (in partnership with Region of Waterloo Public Health) the CTS site.

(Reproducing heavily from RoW’s page) Consumption and Treatment Services is one part of a comprehensive harm reduction strategy that supports health equity and health as a human right. Research demonstrates that CTS services provide following benefits:

  • Saves lives by reducing the number of fatal and non-fatal drug overdoses.
  • Reduces the spread of infectious diseases like HIV and Hepatitis C among people who inject drugs.
  • Connects people who use drugs with primary health care services, addictions treatment, and social services like housing and other supports.
  • Creates a safer community by reducing drug use in public spaces and providing options for proper needle disposal.

Unfortunately, ignorance and ideology continue to present pervasive obstacles impeding the creation and operation of these sites—unquestionably costing lives—and the site’s clients are still subject to stigma and judgment.

We need to change the conversation about substance use and recognize our collective responsibility. I’m proud to support the Sanguen staff and volunteers as they provide life-saving services for our community.

— — —

Once again, I’d be remiss not to thank the people who’ve contributed to Cromulent’s success and made these donations possible, including:

  • Cromulent’s clients, who really make it a pleasure to do what we do
  • Our intrepid on-call graphic designer, who does terrific work remarkably quickly while seamlessly adapting to the branding and design guidelines of our surprisingly many clients
  • The Cromulent terrier team, for just being so terrier-ific and ensuring I take frequent breaks
  • My friends and former colleagues, who are always there to answer questions and provide helpful perspectives
  • My family, who were tremendously supportive when I left the traditional corporate world a few years ago without the slightest thought as to what I was going to do
  • My accountant, who makes sure we pay our taxes
  • And everyone else who’s said good things about us, supported us, and so on

What’s up next? Honestly, we’ve been so, so, so busy that I haven’t thought beyond September…so who knows!