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Listen in as we throw down some podcasts with marketing leaders from the Waterloo Region—and beyond!




Elisa Signoretti
Business Operations Professional

Elisa has an impressive breadth and depth of experience in a number of operations-related roles—with so much of the marketing discussion in recent years dominated by operations, and with the seemingly sudden arrival of “revenue operations” as a popular term, I wanted to hear what she has to say.

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Cassio Sampaio
Director of Business Operations
(company name withheld because…lawyers)

Cassio is a seasoned tech veteran whose career includes stints running professional services departments, product management teams, and marketing organizations, but I was particularly excited to explore his experience with corporate development—and, specifically, mergers and acquisitions.

Cassio also brings an informed international perspective. Over the years, he’s worked in Brazil, the Czech Republic, Canada, and the US—plus, he’s travelled basically everywhere.

Nowadays, he makes his home in the heart of Silicon Valley, at a company you’ve definitely heard of, but which makes it pretty clear in their employment agreement that you aren’t supposed to represent them on podcasts and things.

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Dan Deeth
Senior Manager, Corporate Communications

Dan’s grasp of media and his understanding of reporters’ needs and motivations make him very effective. While at Sandvine, he owned the industry renowned Global Internet Phenomena program. These data-driven thought leadership pieces focused on exploring and explaining consumer Internet trends; under Dan’s direction, they consistently generated headlines in mainstream media, technology publications, and industry outlets. They formed a critical piece of our broader thought leadership program, helping us punch well above our weight on the global stage.

By sharing the story, and diving into particular challenges and success factors, I hope more local companies will invest a little bit of time and effort into similar programs; the results can be spectacular.

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Jacqui Murphy
Chief Marketing Officer
Auvik Neworks

In this Part 2, a follow-up to 2019-01, Jacqui and I picked up where we left off and had an insightful chat about growth marketing, corporate culture, investing in people, acquisitions, learning from others—and additional important topics including sexism, mental health, the wisdom and liberation that comes from experience, and how to look out for each other.

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Heather Galt
VP, Marketing at P&P Optica
Growth Coach and Mentor, Startups and Scale-ups at Communitech
Sessional Instructor at Conestoga College
Board Chair at the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony

Heather’s one of the most experienced marketers in the region, and I’m grateful to her for finding time in her packed schedule to meet with me. We met a few years ago, but recording this episode was the first time we’d had a long one-on-one chat about technology marketing—and boy, did we ever cover a lot of topics!

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Lee Brooks
Cromulent Marketing

Special Guest Host: Matthew Trushinski

After a diverse career in tech spanning almost two decades, Lee started Cromulent Marketing to help (primarily, but not exclusively) B2B tech companies reach their potential. In this chat, he talks about the KW tech marketing scene, the risks to marketers when our companies don’t grow, why something as crucial as sales enablement is so often overlooked or ignored, and some steps we can all take to get better and help each other.

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Jacqui Murphy
Chief Marketing Officer
Auvik Neworks

Jacqui is easily one of the faces of the Waterloo Region’s vibrant technology scene, owing to her extensive work in venture capital, her long-time support and involvement with Communitech, and the genuine long-lasting relationships she’s forged.

It’s difficult for me to convey just how much I loved this convo…it was the pure essence of what I hope to do with this Crommunity podcast: an easy, free-flowing conversation that explores interesting and important topics (including community, the Canadian technology scene, building relationships, supporting each other, the ‘dark side’ of high-stress jobs, mental health…), without agenda (either in the structural sense or in the ‘mission’ or ‘objective’ sense).

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Warren Pamukoff
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Magnet Forensics

Warren was Magnet’s first product marketing hire, so he really got to build the ‘program’ from the ground up – and he had lots to share about that experience.

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Matthew Trushinski
Director, Marketing

Matt and I originally got together for a Q&A-style interview, which I intended to record and subsequently type up into a blog post, but a few minutes in we just decided on-the-fly to turn it into a podcast.

In our meandering chat, we touch on a number of subjects, including the unusual path that brought Matt into marketing, the importance of solution and use case messaging, and anticipating buying barriers.

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