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  • May

In conversation with… Cassio Sampaio

Cassio Sampaio is Vice President, Product at Auth0—a leader in what’s sometimes called identity and access management (IAM). Whether or not you’ve heard of IAM, you almost certainly depend on it in more ways than you know. (If you follow the tech M&A news, then you may have seen that Auth0 has just been acquired for the tidy sum of $6.5B—that’s what […]

  • 23
  • March

In conversation with… Jamil Dewsi

Jamil Dewsi is the Head of Growth at DarwinAI—the KW-based company that’s been turning heads, winning globally renowned reference customers, and earning plenty of press as an emerging leader in the fields of explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) and responsible AI. These technologies help engineers, data scientists, government regulators, etc. understand how AI systems work. In addition to accelerating development timelines (which comes […]

  • 10
  • January

In conversation with… Harneet Singh

Harneet Singh heads the marketing department at Aterlo Networks, the builders of Preseem—a quality of experience monitoring and optimization tool for wireless ISPs. Harneet and I met a few years ago at a Communitech Peer-to-Peer session and I’ve kind’ve watched from afar as Aterlo sunset their first product (NightShift) and have now attained new heights thanks to excellent product-market fit and effective […]

  • 07
  • October

Building a Technical Marketing Library: Q&A with Richard McClurg, VP Marketing at Dejero

In the August edition of the Crommunity Round-Up, we wrote that Dejero had completed their technology marketing tripod—meaning that they now have technical marketing resources covering three foundational technologies (these three are part of a larger technical marketing library). We thought it might be helpful for marketers at start-ups and scale-ups to learn from Dejero’s experience, so we remotely caught up with […]

Ian Hassard of Arctic Wolf stands in front of a RootSecure pop-up banner
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  • March

From New Pup to Part of the Pack: Catching Up with Ian Hassard of Arctic Wolf

Honestly I think it’s unhealthy thinking to have a ‘get acquired, be rich’ goal for your company. Focusing on market problems and being pragmatic about how you get there is important. If you want to be acquired, then create something worth acquiring. Ian Hassard—Director of Product Management at Arctic Wolf We recently caught up with Ian Hassard, who—while running Product Management and […]