Make Your Value Crystal Clear

Consciously position your solution to appeal to your ideal prospects

Positioning is vitally important—it lays the foundation for messaging, it helps optimize sales and marketing efforts, it’s the basis of competitive differentiation—but many companies get it wrong.

Some of the most common positioning mistakes are:

  • Letting position just happen—if it’s not consciously chosen, then it’s not likely to be optimized
  • Clinging to old positioning—despite market changes, product evolution, new insights, and other changes
  • Being dominated by inside-out thinking—and failing to account for what the market thinks
  • Ignoring real alternatives—did you include “do nothing,” “hire an intern,” “do it in Excel,” or “use Oracle?”
  • Focusing on features or benefits, instead of value—the most effective positioning makes your value clear, and doesn’t demand that your prospects make that leap
  • Choosing the wrong positioning strategy—your strategy should be chosen based upon your market context

Cromulent develops positioning which appeals to your ideal prospects, optimizes sales and marketing efforts, and informs effective messaging and content.

Optimized positioning from Cromulent lets you:

  • Increase your appeal by truly showcasing your superiority over alternatives
  • Establish a strong, clear foundation for effective messaging and high-impact content
  • Focus your sales and marketing efforts on your ideal prospects