Services We Don't Provide

“Marketing” can be a confusing domain, so we want to be clear about which services we don’t provide.

While we’re happy to help with an overall content strategy (including video) and writing video scripts, we don’t do any video production.

We’re happy to craft the messaging which can be used in your ads, and the content to which your ads point, but we don’t do campaign management.

Events (e.g., conferences, tradeshows, customer workshops) can be valuable—but event planning, booth design, and so on aren’t things we do.

While we’re definitely happy to write website content, create website plans, and participate in website projects, we don’t do the visual design and back-end development.

We can provide full production and design of our content, but we don’t do graphic design in general (e.g., booth graphics, landing pages, banners, etc.).

We know lots of people, and we’re happy to chat with you about your role and function requirements, but we don’t do recruiting.

We’re happy to develop a PR strategy and create content, but ongoing social media management and engagement is best handled by others.

We believe that the best SEO is producing a useful, relevant content library; trying to keep up with search engine algorithms is best left to others.