Title slide: "Selling Technical Solutions in a World that Doesn't Understand—a Brooks/Trushinski Joint"
  • 27
  • June

Selling Technical Solutions in a World that Doesn’t Understand

Technical marketing is hard.

Just having a great solution—even the best solution—isn’t sufficient. And the news gets worse: it’s hard for many reasons, so there’s no quick fix.

But the good news is that there are proven strategies that can increase your chances of success.

This post explains some of those strategies.

  • 22
  • March

An Oral History of Miovision’s “Clear Signals” Campaign and eBook

“My question to marketers and organizations is: do you have a topic you want to talk to the industry about? Or does the industry have a topic they want to learn about? You need to start from the right place to be relevant. An eBook was just the appropriate medium. We didn’t start with, ‘We need an eBook!’ It was about creating […]

  • 25
  • September

Telling a Miovision Technology Story

Like many things do, this project started over lunch. Matt Trushinski and I worked closely together for a few years at Sandvine; while catching up over taco bowls, and without getting into specifics, Matt alluded to an upcoming, very large, marketing program built around a major project that Miovision were announcing in a couple of months’ time. They were doing some cool things, […]