Title slide: "Selling Technical Solutions in a World that Doesn't Understand—a Brooks/Trushinski Joint"
  • 27
  • June

Selling Technical Solutions in a World that Doesn’t Understand

Technical marketing is hard.

Just having a great solution—even the best solution—isn’t sufficient. And the news gets worse: it’s hard for many reasons, so there’s no quick fix.

But the good news is that there are proven strategies that can increase your chances of success.

This post explains some of those strategies.

  • 11
  • October

The Digital Dilemma

Getting digital marketing right is a necessary, but insufficient, part of the overall marketing puzzle; it needs to be accompanied by strong messaging and content. Like Hansel, digital marketing is so hot right now. Whether we’re talking Google AdWords Google Ads, retargeting, organic discovery, social media, UTM codes, and so on and so forth, digital marketing arms businesses with effective and measurable […]