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  • September

Third birthday? Time to support three local organizations!

Today is Cromulent Marketing’s third birthday, and I feel fortunate to report that we’ve had another fun year of exciting projects with our expanding list of clients. So, how to mark the occasion? Last year, we sponsored two new “Borrow the Internet” hotspots, one each at the Kitchener Public Library and Waterloo Public Library. OK, so obviously we re-upped on those, because […]

Crommunity Round-Up: Exploring the marketing activities ofKitchener-Waterloo's technology companies
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  • July

Crommunity Round-Up: June 2021

Wow, OK, things really got out of hand in June: product launches, new websites, terrific content…KW’s companies were busy! Need to catch up? Check out past Round-Ups — — — ISARA simplifies cryptographic management ISARA unveiled their Advance® Crypto Agility Suite, a cryptographic management platform that reveals blind spots, surfaces actions, and equips enterprises to act. While ISARA is known as a […]

Crommunity Round-Up: Exploring the marketing activities ofKitchener-Waterloo's technology companies
  • 01
  • June

Crommunity Round-Up: May 2021

After a dud of an April (when seemingly nothing notable happened), the Crommunity Round-Up is back! Need to catch up? Check out past Round-Ups (there’s no April Round-Up because, well, it seemed that no one did anything interesting in April) — — — RouteThis addresses a glaring ISP support need RouteThis (one of those under-the-radar local companies that has a great solution […]

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  • May

In conversation with… Cassio Sampaio

Cassio Sampaio is Vice President, Product at Auth0—a leader in what’s sometimes called identity and access management (IAM). Whether or not you’ve heard of IAM, you almost certainly depend on it in more ways than you know. (If you follow the tech M&A news, then you may have seen that Auth0 has just been acquired for the tidy sum of $6.5B—that’s what […]

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  • May


Dear Diary, It was a Liz Lemon kind of day (as in “I can do it, I can have it all!”—see video clip, below), but it’s really been a Liz Lemon kind’ve couple of months. I was gonna sleep in a bit today, because things have been crazy intense lately, but then early this morning my phone made an unexpected calendar/event reminder […]

Crommunity Round-Up: Exploring the marketing activities ofKitchener-Waterloo's technology companies
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  • April

Crommunity Round-Up: March 2021

March saw two local companies reveal what they’ve been working on, which is always a big deal! We profile those debuts, plus we provide the usual assortment of tidbits in this edition of the Crommunity Round-Up. Need to catch up? Check out past Round-Ups — — — Cavelo’s here to help you take care of your data In a blog post, Introducing […]

  • 23
  • March

In conversation with… Jamil Dewsi

Jamil Dewsi is the Head of Growth at DarwinAI—the KW-based company that’s been turning heads, winning globally renowned reference customers, and earning plenty of press as an emerging leader in the fields of explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) and responsible AI. These technologies help engineers, data scientists, government regulators, etc. understand how AI systems work. In addition to accelerating development timelines (which comes […]

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  • March


Dear Diary, I just finished the first draft of the LAMPSHADE paper. I realize now that I haven’t tweeted about this project (my bad!), so here’s a quick description: it’s a survey-driven thought leadership piece that’s intended to serve as a TOFU awareness generator. OK, you’re all caught up. Anyway, so my client worked with an analyst—aside: some of you know how […]

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  • March


Dear Diary, On Friday evening I sent the client the first draft of the INFRARED whitepaper. Oh, that’s right, other than this tweet, I haven’t mentioned INFRARED before! It’s a two-part project consisting of: a medium-length whitepaper detailing the value proposition of a new service the client will be offering an article calling attention to the problem this new service helps to […]