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  • May


Dear Diary,

It was a Liz Lemon kind of day (as in “I can do it, I can have it all!”—see video clip, below), but it’s really been a Liz Lemon kind’ve couple of months.

I was gonna sleep in a bit today, because things have been crazy intense lately, but then early this morning my phone made an unexpected calendar/event reminder sound. Turns out that a European client had booked a meeting on short notice (but the invite was clear that they understood I might not be able to attend).

Alright, hop out of bed, quick shower, onto a Teams call (no, really, after hours of effort a few weeks ago I managed to partially sort out some of the issues that were preventing me from joining any Teams calls…the Mac client still doesn’t let me in, but the web version does!). Over 20 minutes we hammered out the last few changes needed for a project. It dawns on me this project doesn’t yet have a name, so let’s call it…FICUS. FICUS is an exposition of how this client’s platform was built with a security-first design, and is intended to proactively address a long list of questions from CISO organizations looking into the solution.

But the day was really focused on DUCHESS: a massive data-driven piece of thought leadership, for a new US client, that’s on the home stretch. For much of the day, I was exchanging notes and data with this client’s security engineering team as I built and analyzed charts and wrote about the findings. DUCHESS has been dominating my last week, especially, but I’ve been working on it for almost two months now…learning a new domain, crunching numbers, figuring out how to get around some data issues—the usual stuff.

Every so often I’d take a short break from DUCHESS to check the ol’ inbox:

  • A new US client needed some minor changes to an SOW
  • LAMPSHADE’s client emailed to confirm that the Cromulent portion of the project’s complete
  • An existing client’s new CMO reached out to set up a chat
  • Another existing client emailed to let me know about a new piece of content they need

Once I achieved my day’s DUCHESS goals, I switched back to FICUS to finish it off, because in the morning call I’d told the client that it would be complete by the time they got to work tomorrow.

When I’d finished FICUS, I reviewed and edited eight web pages as part of LILYPAD.

So yeah, busy day, but that’s how things are right now—and I’m not complaining.

Oh, I also:

  • Filled in the census
  • Registered for a vaccine!!!
  • Squeezed in a workout, while taking care not to re-injure my broken foot.