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  • September

Third birthday? Time to support three local organizations!

Today is Cromulent Marketing’s third birthday, and I feel fortunate to report that we’ve had another fun year of exciting projects with our expanding list of clients. So, how to mark the occasion? Last year, we sponsored two new “Borrow the Internet” hotspots, one each at the Kitchener Public Library and Waterloo Public Library. OK, so obviously we re-upped on those, because […]

To celebrate Cromulent Marketing's second birthday, we sponsored two "Borrow the Internet" hotspots for the KW community
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We turned two – KPL and WPL helped us celebrate!

Cromulent Marketing recently turned two (on September 1st, for those of you scoring at home). Our second year was terrific—filled with fun projects, a slightly expanded scope of capabilities, and making new friends. I got to thinking how to mark the occasion, but I was really struggling to come up with something that didn’t feel cheesy or self-serving. Then I remembered: the […]