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So. It has come to this.

It’s with neither pomp nor circumstance, but with abundant excitement that I officially launch Cromulent Marketing!

I say “officially”, because I’ve unofficially been using the name verbally for a few months now while working with some terrific clients. I started Cromulent to help B2B tech companies (in particular) reach their potential, and it’s already been my absolute pleasure to provide expertise and assistance while learning about interesting technologies and unfamiliar markets.

I started Cromulent to help B2B tech companies reach their potential.

On that note, I’d like to recognize those initial clients and project sponsors, and to thank them for trusting Cromulent with some important projects:

  • RootSecure (Ian Hassard): a small-but-growing cyber security company, with many faces familiar to me from a previous life, trusted Cromulent to fuel their strategic growth through strong messaging, engaging content, and local media coverage
  • Miovision (Matthew Trushinski): a mainstay of the local tech community, who’re helping build the smart cities of tomorrow, trusted that Cromulent could tell their technology story in support of an enormous marketing initiative around The World’s Smartest Intersection
  • VueReal (Kristin Mueller): another small-but-growing company, who’re revolutionizing LED display technology with breakthrough micro- and nano-device production techniques, trusted Cromulent to feed their expansion by telling their company story in a compelling and technology-literate way
  • Bridgit (Nicole DeNoble): who’ve built a much-loved software solution that makes construction less complicated, trusted Cromulent to help them hit the refresh button on their marketing as they took important new capabilities to market

I couldn’t have asked for a more exciting, more diverse, or more welcoming set of initial clients!

I couldn’t have asked for a more exciting, more diverse, or more welcoming set of initial clients!

I also want to thank the other folks who provided support in many forms over the past few months: Dan Deeth, Victor Martello, Josh Cronk, Rob Carey, Don Bowman…and I’m concerned I’m missing a few (sorry!).

What does the future hold? Who knows! But if recent history’s an accurate indication, then I’ll get to dive deeply into innovative solutions and incredible technology while helping some great people and companies overcome the challenges of B2B technology marketing.

Going forward, I’ll be updating this blog with information that extends the content you’ll find elsewhere on this site, with occasional stories from the field, maybe with some lessons learned from my past, and with news if/when I have any. So, if that sorta stuff is up your alley – and you like references to xkcd, The Simpsons, Rick and Morty, a bevy of marketing books, and obscure trivia – then check back regularly.

Again, my thanks to Cromulent’s initial reference clients – and to Cromulent’s future clients, I look forward to working with you!