"Cromulent were incredible to work with! Their professionalism, organization, and sense of urgency helped us tremendously and took a lot of the work away from us. They kept us on track and were able to deliver a great messaging guide that will be utilized within all levels of our organization. Cromulent's ability to capture some very technical information into more simple messaging was unbelievable."

Kristin Mueller—HR Manager

About VueReal:

VueReal is engineering the next electronics revolution by developing and commercializing technology platforms that enable efficient, practical, and scalable production and integration of micro- and nano-devices.


Project Spotlight:

Helping to Feed VueReal’s Expansion

When they first reached out to Cromulent, VueReal had already achieved some world-firsts in the domain of micro-LED technology. In the process, they had demonstrated solutions to the major challenges that need to be overcome for micro-LEDs to revolutionize a wide variety of display technologies.

The next stage of their operating plan demanded an expanded multi-disciplinary organization. To grow their team, VueReal needed to attract domain experts from around the world, and they knew that doing so required a powerful company story.

With standardized messaging in place, VueReal's communications activities are aligned effectively to grow their profile and attract new employees.

The Challenge:

Since they needed to appeal to a very specific type of candidate who likely didn’t live locally, VueReal knew that their company story needed to include technical messaging, while at the same time touching on the benefits of the Waterloo region and the exciting potential of their target market.

Cromulent provided VueReal with a Messaging Guide that described their company, outlined their foundational proprietary technology, and explained how that technology overcomes the major challenges associated with manufacturing not just micro-LEDs, but micro- and nano-devices in general. As a bonus, in addition to appealing to prospective employees, this messaging also addresses many of the questions posed by investors and partners.

The Impact:

With standardized messaging in place, VueReal’s communications activities are aligned effectively to grow their profile and attract new employees.

Additionally, the messaging contributed to higher efficiencies and effectiveness in a range of other activities, from recruiting and onboarding to outbound communications in general.