"Cromulent were fantastic to work with, and delivered great results for us. They took the time to understand our goals, then developed and delivered on a phased approach that met our schedule. Everything they did for us—and they did a lot, including helping with things beyond the official scope—made a meaningful, immediate, and lasting impact on our business."

Ian Hassard - VP Product and Marketing

About RootSecure:

RootSecure quantifies cyber and data risk, arming information technology and security teams with real-time, actionable insight from comprehensive and continuous vulnerability assessment of networks, devices, and people.


Project Spotlight:

Fuelling Strategic Growth

RootSecure is an exciting young company that’s tackling the increasingly important problem of cyber and data risk management. With a proven product and a growing base of devoted customers, they’re ready to make a strategic expansion into their target markets.

In addition, RootSecure is eager to power that expansion by growing their team, so they want to increase their local profile.

Essentially, RootSecure's 2018 content needs were largely taken care of in a couple of weeks – freeing up their limited resources to focus on demand generation activities.

The Challenge:

RootSecure’s senior leadership team understood that to stand out from the crowd of competitors RootSecure needs a strong message and informative content; from experience, they also knew the importance of having a ‘single source of truth’, so their story would be told consistently as their team grew.

At the same time, RootSecure’s product portfolio was expanding, with two new additions launching in the first half of 2018. These new products introduced valuable capabilities that extended RootSecure’s differentiation versus their competition, particularly relating to the breadth of risks they quantify.

Finally, the Waterloo Region is home to a number of high-profile start-ups, scale-ups, and established tech companies, many of whom dominate the local headlines. With limited in-house marketing resources and an urgent timeframe, RootSecure sat down with Cromulent.

The Impact:

We provided RootSecure with:

  • A comprehensive Messaging Guide that defined all the company, platform, technology, and product messaging to serve as the core for all their content
  • A portfolio brochure that showed off their solutions and explained the value of their technical features
  • An overview presentation to give the RootSecure pitch and explain the importance of their differentiators
  • Introductions to local media, which resulted in coverage in both the print and online editions of the region’s major news outlet and an online article with Communitech (a local public-private innovation hub)

Essentially, RootSecure’s 2018 content needs were largely taken care of in a couple of weeks – freeing up their limited resources to focus on demand generation activities – and their local profile grew significantly.

The Messaging Guide empowered RootSecure to quickly overhaul their website, augmenting the digital marketing activities they already had underway. They also tweaked their ongoing marketing campaigns to better capture their value proposition.

As an added bonus, the Messaging Guide became a key onboarding resource, especially for people entering business development roles – after reading the Messaging Guide, new BDRs hit the ground running with a complete understanding of RootSecure’s messaging and value propositions.

Note: you can learn more about this project in the blog post Fuelling RootSecure’s Strategic Growth.