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Crafting Compelling Customer Success Stories—Asking the Right Questions

Customer success stories form an important subset of an effective marketing content library. They offer significant utility—they provide social proof/validation social proof/validation (important for crossing the ol’ chasm, because no one wants to be the first penguin in the water), they can address buying barriers, they’re very shareable, they can be transformed for use almost anywhere and in multiple formats—while being relatively […]

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A Different Model of the Customer Experience Journey, and What it Means for Marketers

It is not your customer’s job to buy from you. It is your job to find out what would make for an exceptional experience from their point of view, and invite them into it. – David Nour Recently, I finished reading Co-Create, by David Nour, and perhaps my biggest take-away was his model for the Customer Experience Journey. TL;DR At the very […]