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Crommunity Round-Up: February 2021

Just like February, this round-up is short and sweet!*

*But seriously, we all know that February sucks—it’s barely even a real month!

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SSIMWAVE pulls back the curtain on their SSIMPLUS Video Quality Dial

A few months back, SSIMWAVE announced a new product: the SSIMPLUS Video Quality Dial. Beyond the press release, though, details were sparse—until now.

February saw the publication of a comprehensive new SSIMPLUS Video Quality Dial page and an associated overview infosheet (which isn’t gated, yay!).

The page is full of information that any potential customer would want to see, including:

  • An explanation of the value proposition
  • Quantitative and qualitative benefits—including an example business case and link to an ROI calculator
  • High-level deployment diagram and explanation of how the product fits into existing workflows (I can’t overstate how important this point is—customers don’t like disruption!)

And the infosheet is nice, too.

In a world of crappy infosheets that barely contain any information, this one stands out for actually being useful by explaining:

  • The problem that Video Quality Dial solves
  • The benefits for video providers and their subscribers
  • How it gets deployed (again, super important)
  • Why the core SSIMPLUS technology is such a difference maker

And it even includes a clickable call-to-action, which is a nice touch.

I’d consider it more of an overview than a full-on datasheet, but that’s fine: the value proposition gets your attention, it introduces the mechanisms by which that value is realized (whoa, so it’s not just left to magic?), it anticipates and answers some follow-up questions that interested prospects would ask, it creates differentiation versus alternative paths, and—if you’re in the target market*—it leaves you excited to learn more.

*Keen observers may have noticed that SSIMWAVE has some sort of engagement going on with a certain house of a certain mouse, so you can maybe give SSIMWAVE a bit of credit for the great experience you have while watching WandaVision (so fun!)

Kudos to the SSIMWAVE team for building what certainly seems to be a terrific solution and for communicating its value!

Bits and Bytes

Here are a few other February notables:

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Aaaand that’s a wrap.

If you want to nominate something for inclusion in the March round-up, then hit me up.