Engagement Models and Pricing

Every company has different needs and different resources at different times—that’s why we offer a variety of engagement options:

From basic send-aheads and leave-behinds to flagship pieces, we will create purpose-built content to achieve your objectives

  • Best for: companies with very specific needs and/or relatively limited budgets
  • Pricing is somewhat formulaic, and is strongly influenced by three factors explained below


Tap into our experience to build strong foundations, to seize opportunities, and to handle especially challenging projects

  • Best for: when you need assistance with heavy lifting or you require certain specialized expertise
  • Each project is a custom scope of work based upon your needs and parameters


Leverage our broad skills to catch up on a backlog, to jump ahead, or simply to help out during a busy stretch

  • Best for: companies that have a steady volume of work and the discipline to execute effectively
  • Available in three-month subscriptions tiered by the average weekly workload


No matter which approach you choose, we’ll become a virtual extension of your team (many of our clients add us to their Slack workspace) working diligently to help you reach your goals.

Please note:

  • All prices below are in CAD
  • Canadian customers: add 13% HST
  • International customers: sales tax may be applicable, but usually isn’t
  • Volume discounts are already incorporated into the pricing—adjustments to fit budget are based on scope and the combination of research, amount of writing, and urgency

Pricing iteration: JAGUAR

Content à la Carte Details

Pricing ranges are influenced by:

  • Research: depth and amount of research, availability of SMEs, etc.
  • Writing: volume/length
  • Urgency: in general (how quickly is it needed) and in the context of the specific content needs (how big, complex, etc.)

All content includes end-to-end design, with:

  • Custom graphics (e.g., visuals, technical diagrams, graphs/charts, etc.)
  • Layout/styling in accordance with your brand guidelines (if applicable)

For PDF content, we deliver to you:

  • Web and print PDFs, as needed
  • Artwork files (e.g., InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop)

In the 1-to-4 page range:

  • Overview Infosheets
  • Detailed Datasheets
  • Outreach/Pitch Sheets
  • Success Stories

Guidance: $1,000 – $4,000

In the 5-to-12 page range:

  • Brochures
  • Solution Guides
  • How-To Guides
  • Case Studies

Guidance: $4,000 – $9,000

Now we’re talking 13+ pages:

  • Whitepapers
  • Technology Showcases
  • Topical Expositions
  • eBooks

Guidance: $750 per body page (i.e., excluding the front and back matter)

Predominantly writing:

  • Press Releases
  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • Article-style blog posts

Guidance: $1/word (excludes copy-and-paste boilerplates)

Project Pack Details

Each project is a custom scope of work based upon the specific needs and parameters of your situation. We offer the following project packs:

  • Positioning and Messaging: determining the positioning that will make your value clear and crafting the messages that will resonate with your target audiences
  • Content Fundamentals: identifying and creating the pieces you need to be taken seriously and to execute efficiently
  • Content Roadmap: creation of 6-12 month content roadmaps that detail the strategies and tactics (including specific content pieces and topics) to achieve your objectives
  • Content Blitz: creation and execution of a three-month content plan to meet your most urgent needs
  • Product Launch and Go To Market: creation and execution of effective product launches to reach your target market and to enable your sales channels
  • M&A Activities: planning and execution of marketing activities relating specifically to mergers and acquisitions, including both the announcement itself and integration into / extension of your positioning, messaging, and content
  • Use Case Library: planning, definition, and creation of use cases to show off your capabilities in terms your audiences recognize
  • Thought Leadership (Project): planning and execution of a thought leadership project in pursuit of your organization’s objectives
  • Thought Leadership (Program): laying the groundwork for a repeatable and ongoing thought leadership program to take your organization to new heights

Marketing as a Service Details

Available in three-month subscriptions for an average of up to:

  • 8 hours/week: $8,000 per month
  • 12 hours/week: $11,000 per month
  • 20 hours/week: $17,000 per month

Important notes:

  • There is extremely limited availability for this engagement model
  • Statistically speaking (based upon our experience with dozens of clients), it’s probably not the right approach for you—for this model to make sense, you need a combination of a suitable amount of work plus the responsiveness (e.g., to answer our questions, to review our drafts) to keep things moving
  • We’ll let you know if we’re being underutilized and we’ll even make suggestions about where we can contribute more, but it really is your responsibility to keep us busy
  • Load variation is fine (e.g., mix of busier weeks, moderate weeks, and lighter weeks), provided the average stays within parameters
  • Invoices will be issued monthly and will include a high-level view of activities (i.e., we’re not doing timesheets or granular breakdowns—this relationship is built on trust)