"Cromulent is a Unicorn—plain and simple. We initially engaged them for some use case-themed feature sheets for our Healthcare vertical campaign, which required understanding our features and how they were relevant to the vertical. Cromulent researched the market-space and our feature-set, and leveraged vertical-specific jargon for added impact. If you’re in the B2B space and looking for effective product marketing, Cromulent is as good as it gets."

Joseph Herdé—Chief Commercial Officer

About Telax:

Telax offers the leading Cloud Contact Software as a Service solution (CCaaS) combining the most robust suite of features, with carrier-grade reliability, and world class deployment and support services. Telax also enables Communications Service Providers to enter the lucrative Contact Center market, with innovative Turnkey Sales & Marketing solutions that allow them to start selling, now.


Project Origin:

Targeting Important Verticals with New Content

To fuel sales growth in an efficient manner, Telax is executing a disciplined strategy of targeting particular verticals one-by-one.

First on the list: Healthcare.

The repeatable model being used to pursue each vertical is a combination of a vertical-specific landing page, prominent success stories, a collection of infosheets, and promotional activities (e.g., advertising campaigns, channel training, etc.).

There’s only one small complication: all the content for each vertical needs to be created from scratch.

The company’s Chief Commercial Officer, Joseph Herdé, had worked with Cromulent Marketing’s founder in the past, so he knew we were up to the challenge.

Only a few days after we first spoke, Telax had the infosheets they needed to launch their Healthcare campaign.

Project Execution:

Telax already had the Healthcare landing page designed, and they’d written an important success story, but they still needed the infosheets—and they needed them fast!

Unlike the dry, feature-focused datasheets common in their industry, Telax wanted theirs to be different—to orient instead around real problems facing Healthcare providers.

We still needed to show that Telax offered a credible and unique solution—including introducing important features—but we needed to do so in a very clean and accessible manner.

Say less and make it count!

Through conversations and research, we quickly learned about the specific challenges Healthcare providers faced and the operational realities and complexities that characterized their space; we also developed an understanding of the Telax Contact Center solution, so we could accurately represent its capabilities and map them to particular Healthcare problems.

Using this information, we drafted six infosheets—one each focusing on a major goal of Healthcare providers.

When we delivered the infosheets, we also suggested specific ways in which they could be modified over time as new Contact Center features are introduced, new CSP partners are integrated, and new success stories become public—it’s always important to us that our clients enjoy long-term value from the work we produce, and we do everything we can to enable ‘self-service’ updates.

Only a few days after we first spoke, Telax had the infosheets they needed to launch their Healthcare campaign.

You can learn a bit more about this project in Helping Telax effectively reach the Healthcare vertical.