"As a full-service fire protection engineering firm, the breadth of our diverse service offerings—along with their technical complexities—can be challenging to grasp and convey. We were pleasantly surprised by the expertise, creativity, and efficient turnaround Cromulent provided! We now have an amazing Services Guide and Sector Sheets that not only clearly communicate to our customers but also provide a consistent message. We highly recommend Cromulent."

Mohit Gogna—Marketing Manager

About PLC Fire Safety Solutions:

Since 1983, PLC Fire Safety Solutions has provided professional engineering services in fire and explosion prevention to clients across Canada and internationally.

PLC excels in the development of innovative, practical, and cost-effective solutions to meet the fire and life safety needs of a diverse range of clients across many sectors.


Project Origin:

Casting a Wider and Deeper Net to Grow Business

In their almost-four decades of operation, PLC has established themselves as a leader in fire and life safety solutions—particularly in Canada’s nuclear industry.

But the collection of services they offer are applicable to a much longer list of sectors. In pursuit of demand generation and sales enablement objectives, PLC wanted to strengthen their web content and sales resources.

Broadly, this content needed to achieve two strategic goals:

  • To cast a wide net: appeal to each sector by showing how PLC’s solutions apply within that particular space
  • To cast a deep net: better showcase the complete range of solutions PLC can provide to each sector

With a limited budget and—due to an important conference—a tight timeline, PLC needed a partner who would deliver high-quality work quickly and cost-effectively.

Having learned about Cromulent Marketing through a mutual connection, PLC reached out.

With a limited budget and a tight timeline, PLC needed a partner who would deliver high-quality work quickly and cost-effectively.

Project Execution:

PLC trusted us to determine the most effective way to execute this project—our challenge was to create content that would provide clarity and ensure consistency, while meeting the overarching goal of clearly communicating to each sector the valuable services that PLC provides.

PLC provides 12 distinct Fire Protection and Life Safety Services, and has identified 11 top-level sectors to which some subset of these services applies. We worked with PLC to understand in detail the services they provide, to capture their domain-specific qualifications, and to have our content validated by technical experts on their team.

Ultimately, we delivered:

  • 11 two-sided Sector Sheets (i.e., one per sector) that each explain PLC’s relevance to a particular sector, clearly list and helpfully summarize the applicable services, and demonstrate PLC’s credibility as a solution provider
  • A 16-page Services Guide that explains each service in detail, provides deeper information about PLC (including technical credentials), and shows how particular services map to particular sectors

All of this material is self-consistent, in that it uses consistent terminology, content descriptions, and styling, and it provides tremendous utility:

  • The content from the Sector Sheets can easily be copied onto PLC’s website, which will improve and extend the web material while ensuring consistency with the Sector Sheet PDFs
  • The Sector Sheets themselves can be made available for download by prospects, provided to prospects by salespeople, and shared within accounts by project champions
  • Likewise, the descriptions within the Services Guide can be copied onto PLC’s website, again improving the content and ensuring consistency; additional content within the guide can also be used to update some other pages on PLC’s site
  • The Services Guide itself is a premium piece of content that can be reserved for gated downloads and distributed by salespeople
  • Content from the Sector Sheets and Services Guide is already incorporated into PLC’s formal Statement of Capabilities document

It’s worth noting that while we incorporated existing style elements like header and footer graphics, we designed the Sector Sheets and Services Guide from scratch. Nevertheless, we were able to meet PLC’s timeline by moving quickly and efficiently—for instance, our first deliverable consisted of stylistically different versions of the three highest-priority Sector Sheets, so PLC could both review the sector content and steer the styling in the same short review cycle.

You can learn a bit more about this project in Helping PLC Fire Safety Solutions to Cast a Wider and Deeper Net.